How to Fix Stuck Zipper on Bags

There are tricks to overcome a stuck bag zipper. It must be annoyed if the zipper of favorite bag suddenly stuck and hard to open. When you force yourself to open it, it could be zipped and badly damaged.

You should be more careful when faced with stuck zipper bag. Usually zipper bags can be stuck due to dirt or yarn that caught. So you should check the zipper bag carefully.

How to Solve Stuck Zipper Problem?

You also should immediately clean the zipper bag if you just travel from outside. Remnants of soil, dust, and sand often causing zipper bag stuck deeper. Try washing zipper bags with running water and cream soap.

Rinse the zipper section until no soap is left. If the bag has been dried in the sun to dry, try re-opening the zipper slowly. Certainly zipper bags can be opened lid smoothly if the dirt has been removed.

Do not panic first if in case the zipper bag is still difficult to open. You can still try using oil as a zipper lubricant. Pour a little olive oil on the cotton bud then apply on the zipper surface.

In addition to oil, you can also utilize a pencil. Rub the sharp end of the pencil on the stuck zipper.

The texture of olive oil and pencil will make the zipper easier to open. Even the rusted zipper can be overcome in that way.

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