Join the iPhone Giveaway Event by Posting Photos

There are many ways to join the iPhone giveaway event. People who held this kind of events usually used different ways from each other. Mind that it is so rarely iPhone brand who held the event, and usually is the third party who want to promote their own products and brands, but created giveaway event which offered the best iPhone product.

One type of common event usually required participant to upload their photos on Instagram. Participant should create the most creative artistic photograph to post on their social media in order to win the event. Since this type of event is very common, mind that you don’t need to be a professional photographer to join it.

Then, how to win the iPhone giveaway event from the photo contest without being a professional photographer? Well, we don’t recommend you to cheat by contacting friend of yours who have high photography skills. Actually you can begin by yourself. Learn to capture photo from the correct angle. You should have to try it again and again, to compare the result. Brainstorming is a must to do before taking photo. You can look at other participant’s creation, or search for best photo on the internet. Then you should analyze why that photo can be considered as artistic and attractive. From what angle you should take the photo, and what subjects should be included in the frame.

After deciding the best angle of your photo, then you can edit it using the simplest editor application. Nowadays, you can find many application which are simply used by the beginner. So you don’t need to be the expert at both photography and editor to win the iPhone giveaway event. Only learning a bit and do a little effort, you can grab the chance to win the event. Even though you still not winning, you can join the next event again and again, until you can grab your wanted prize.


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