Try wearing Runners Choice shoes in the Afternoon

Try wearing Runners Choice shoes in the Afternoon
Try wearing Runners Choice shoes in the Afternoon

Try wearing Runners Choice shoes in the Afternoon. This suggestion sounds unique. But the reason is because our feet will expand in the afternoon after a day of activity. By trying the shoes when our feet expand, then we will not mistakenly buy a size that is too small. You can also try shoes after running; the size of your feet will be bigger then.

Usually to prevent abrasions and give space to tense and expanding legs, most runners buy shoes half the size larger than the size of their legs. It should also be considered the width of the foot, because if too narrow in the side also will not be comfortable to run.

When trying, make sure there is a space of one finger or one thumb between the toes with the tip of your shoe. In addition to buying a half-size larger, you may also consider buying running shoes with materials that can adjust to the foot widening.

While in the store, you may be faced with several shoe options. In addition to trying to walk, you should also ask what the advantages of the shoes, as well as designation for what kind of running style.

Currently various manufacturers include the latest technology that makes shoes more comfortable to run, be it from the material side, weight, and other things.

“To note is the type of upper (Top), midsole (Bearing), and outsole (bottom sole). These three things should be tailored to the type of runner, type of running as well as where to run. The staff at the Runners Choice shop before giving advice on the selection of shoes will definitely ask in advance what the needs of the runners, “said expert from

Prime Comfort of Runners Choice. Do not let performance beat comfort when buying running shoes. You will spend hundreds of miles with your shoes. Imagine if the distance that far you travel with shoes that are not comfortable. In addition to torture, the possibility of injury is also greater.

Therefore, try a few pairs of shoes when choosing, and make sure comfort is your priority unless you buy it just for style.