5 Tips Stay Awake While Driving

If you have ever experienced sleepy while driving, that means you are already beyond the capacity to drive or ride a motorcycle. Perhaps the first thing you gonna to stay awake is to tune the radio louder. However,this way is not very effective to fight drowsiness while driving. Here are some powerful tips to stay awake while driving or riding a motorcycle.

1. Drinking coffee

If your eyes and your body are really tired, you need caffeine to help maintain awareness. One of the biggest sources of caffeine is coffee. However, coffee takes about half an hour before the effect is felt. In addition, a cup of coffee alone may not be enough for people who day-to-day have often consume coffee.

2. Sleep for a while

If the effect of coffee has not been felt, the best way to fight drowsiness is to sleep for a moment. Pull over and sleep for about 15 minutes. Remember, it’s better to spend 15-20 minutes to get some sleep than to force yourself to keep driving at great risk.

3. Pulling and stretching

Usually unbearable sleepiness comes when you ride a motorcycle on a fairly deserted road in friendly weather. So, step aside immediately and get off the motor. Stretch the muscles and walk for about 10 minutes. Moving actively can help the mind stay awake.

4. Do not take medication and alcohol before or while driving

Taking drugs and alcohol can affect your concentration and alertness. Avoid taking anti-motion, anti-cold medicine, or other drugs with sleepy side effects before or while driving. The reason, you will feel very sleepy. If you do have to take certain medications prescribed by a doctor, you should not drive a car or ride a motorcycle at all.

5. Rest every two hours

Drowsiness when driving or driving a motorcycle on a long journey is a very natural thing. To prevent it, you should rest every two hours to stretch the muscles or sleep for a moment. If forced to drive steadily without pause, your body and eyes just so tired and heavy. So, even if you are not sleepy or tired, try to stay rested every few hours.