Tips for Home Design with antique furniture

Home Design with laying antique furniture at home does give prestige and its own beauty. Especially if the antique furniture has an interesting history such as relics of the former Dutch era, relics of the grandfather, or there is only one in the world. No wonder the price is very expensive.

Because of this expensive price, there are some naughty sellers who turn ordinary furniture into antique furniture. So you do not be fooled when buying, try to check out some tips to distinguish the original furniture and the following fake antique

Find out the antique furniture reference you want

Before looking for and buying antique furniture, you should find out first the desired furniture reference. Suppose you want to buy antique furniture from the 50s, look for information about the shape and characteristics of furniture that is popular in that era. Such information can be used as a comparison with antique furniture offered by the seller.

Pay attention to basic materials of original antique furniture

Antique furniture is generally made of wood and its age is more than tens of years. The wood used is the type of teak wood. For furniture before 1900 the wood used was oak, mahogany, maple, pine, cherry, and rosewood.

The older and harder the wood is used for antique furniture, the grain will be more prominent. You do not need a special tool to feel the vein, just seen with the naked eye or touched the surface of the furniture.

The original antique furniture is made of solid wood, not a connection. You can also see the hinges, whether it is rusty or not. Antique furniture is old tens or even hundreds of years, reasonable if there is a rusty part.