Types of Credit Cards used in various transaction

International credit card is a type of credit card that can be used in various international transactions (cross-country), where this type of credit card will apply and recognized in almost all parts of the world. There are also called credit card generator which has been popular lately.

With extensive network support, the use of international credit cards enables a person to conduct financial transactions across the various territories he or she arrives. Basically it can happen due to the existence of two giant owners of the largest and most used credit card network in the world, namely Visa and Master Card.

But in addition to Visa and Master Card, there are several credit card companies that can be used globally, while based on affiliates, the credit card can be divided into 2 types, namely:

-Co Branding Card is a credit card service issued because of a cooperation that occurs between credit card management institutions with one or several banks at once.

-Affinity Card is a credit card used by a group or a certain group. Users are usually incorporated in professional groups, student groups and other group types.

As a card that serves as a means of payment, then a credit card also has a physical form that exactly the same as the various types of other payment cards, such as debit cards and certain member cards. Here are some of the features of a credit card:

Signs on Front of the Card such as:

  • There is a card number. This number is usually printed on the surface of the card, this distinguishes it from the debit cards that generally do not arise.
  • There is a validity period of the card, which also prints.
  • The name of the cardholder, also printed, appears. Inside a credit card generally the cardholder’s name must be printed on a card, unlike a debit card that can be issued without the owner’s name.
  • There is a name and logo of the issuing bank.
  • There is a hologram or three-dimensional image on the card surface

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