Writing Android Games Cheat Design Document

First, start working on the core details of your android games cheat design. The design document is the backbone of your video game. This document contains detailed descriptions of mechanisms, plots, backgrounds, aesthetic designs, and much more from your game. Fortunately, the format of this document is less important than its content and should not be confused.

Android Games Design

The design document is very important especially if you are managing a team consisting of programmers and artists. Make sure the documents you create are for them, not for the end consumer. Avoid being vague or unclear and describe the details of each game mechanism thoroughly.

Not all games have design documents, and two design documents may not resemble each other. Use the following steps as a guide, but make your documents as free as possible in accordance with what your game needs.

Define the list of contents. Each aspect of the game needs to be included in the table of contents. The only thing that does not need to be included is the story, unless the story is closely related to your gaming mechanism.

List the contents with the same approach when creating game play instructions. Start from discussing broad and general things like character creations, battles, and main interface, then go into sub-sections of each section.

Think of this table of contents as your game’s big picture. You will get into your game details more deeply as you continue to write down the list of contents.

Fill each section in your document. Once the list of contents has been made, start explaining the mechanism. Take the time to explain in detail so there will be no confusion when you start programming. Each mechanism should be explained thoroughly so there will be no confusion when you implement it.

Create with other people or your team. Depending on the approach, making android game design is a collaborative process. Feedback from others can help keep your game focused and highlight areas that have not been properly considered.

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